Addict Right Here

My name is Sarah and I am addicted to this little beauty.


Loreal Paris Colour Caresse Wet Shine Lip Stain in Pink Resistance

This little beauty has only been in my life for a little over twenty four hours and I’m addicted. In this short amount of time I have become obsessed with applying it, wearing it, smelling it and holding it. I know, creepy. I need to be committed, like twenty -three -hours –ago-crazy-person-on-the-loose committed. I simply can’t help myself. This lip stain offers everything I’d want in a lip stain. Not only does this lip stain think it’s a gloss (so shiny), it also hydrates. Loreal has done it; they have created a lip stain with lip gloss luster and shine. The shine is non-sticky and offers continuous hydration- honestly; this lip stain felt better on my lips as the day went on. It does have somewhat of a floral scent, so if you aren’t into that, then you won’t like this product. Also, the shine isn’t immediate and you will need to layer this product to gain the full effect. I would recommend putting on a layer, letting it dry, then adding another layer and repeating once more. I put on two layers before I leave the house in the morning and then apply one more layer before heading in to work. I currently own only one of these little beauties, however, I plan on running (or driving) to the store this afternoon and purchasing at least two (or 4, but don’t tell my husband- haha) more of these lip stains. So addicted!!!!!


On my way to work this morning.


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