25 Things About Yours Truly

  1. I’m a licensed Aesthetician.
  2. I LOVE mashed potatoes, but I HATE boiled potatoes.
  3. Deep, murky water gives me anxiety.
  4. So does flying…my palms sweat. It’s so gross!
  5. I’m addicted to online shopping.
  6. And shopping at the mall.
  7. And grocery shopping.
  8. I LOVE shopping. Period.
  9. I have 73 MAC eyeshadows- yes, I’ve counted.
  10. I broke my pinky toe in 2011 and I think I just broke it again- ouchy!
  11. I’m a reality TV junkie.
  12. I have three cats, but I prefer dogs. Aww…I love my kitties. Thank gosh they can’t read.
  13. I’m a terrible dancer, but I love to dance.
  14. I have a dairy sensitivity but I eat ice cream and cheese knowing the consequences. Hello itchy throat and eyes and upset tummy.
  15. I secretly cannot wait to put mascara on my almost ten month old’s eyelashes- so gorgeous.
  16. I secretly want to put mascara on my husband’s lashes and no matter how much I beg, he won’t budge.
  17. Every time I go to Walmart I have to buy something from the cosmetic aisles-toothpaste, hairspray, lipstick, whatever.
  18. I used to have major OCD with numbers, specifically odd numbers.
  19. I LOVE sparkling mineral water, especially with lemon and lime.
  20. I’m mildly obsessed with my Ray Ban Sunnies.
  21. I’m a terrible driver- ask my husband.
  22. I don’t ever wait long enough for my nail polish to dry.
  23. The smell of Red Bull makes me gag.
  24. Hydrangeas and Gerber Daisies are my favorite flowers.
  25. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my amazing family.

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Real Girl


4 thoughts on “25 Things About Yours Truly

  1. lol@23… I will leave a can of red bull with a few sips left in my car fire a day or two because it makes it smell amazing. You would hate it!

  2. I just love to read these kinds of lists. Some of these things were a surprise and on the other hand…… not so much 😉

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