Facebook PicA real girl strives to share the best version of herself with the world. She exudes confidence and she is beautiful from the inside out.

 My name is Sarah. I am a 28 year old wife and mom. When I’m not working full time or busy being a wifey and mommy I spend a lot of my time obsessing over all things beauty. It’s safe to say that my obsessions have become my second, third and fourth children. My eyeshadow collection could compete with most department store makeup counters and I’m convinced the rest of my cosmetics need their own zip code. Did I say obsessed earlier? Maybe it’s a bit beyond obsessed…

Primp.Polish.Shine is a place where I can share my passion for all things beauty with all of you real girls out there. I will share make-up tips & tricks, different trends and looks, product reviews and hauls and some of my faves (old and new).

 I don’t claim to be a professional (although my make-up brush collection speaks otherwise). I’m just a hair primping, make-up wearing, nail polish collecting, real girl wanting to share my slight love affair for all things beauty with other real girls who want to primp, polish and shine their way through life.


Gossip Girl

(Just Kidding)




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  1. I wear eye liner everyday. However, I find that by mid-day it has smeared or smudged and doesn’t look as clear and clean as when I put it on in the morning. Do you have an eyeliner to recommend that wears well, is smudge proof or doesn’t smear with my sweat or face oils? P.S. I wear it right below my lower lash line not on my water line.

    • If you’re looking for a drugstore product, I would recommend Revlon’s Colorstay Eyeliner (pencil)- it is waterproof, smear, smudge and fade proof. If you’re wanting a higher end product, I would recommend Urban Decay’s 24/7 Glide-on Eye Pencil or Make Up Forever’s Aqua Eyes Eye Pencil. Both products are great for all day wear without smearing, smudging, fading or melting. I also use MAC’s Fluidline, which is a gel formula that I apply with a small, angled brush. It is long wearing and won’t budge. Hope this helps. Happy shopping!!!

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